Creating Reem’s Design Studio with Arhaus

Since moving into this home almost 4 years ago, I knew that our vast front/living room off the foyer was a space that we really would not use since we have a sunroom, family room, and a smaller gathering room. Having a fourth room to lounge in seems like somewhat of an over-over-indulgence. My husband spends a lot of time working at home and he has since claimed the office as his own, which leaves me with my laptop hopping from kitchen, to sunroom, to the dining room to find a quiet workspace—especially when the kids are home. The way the space used to be laid out really bothered me. The furniture was left as part of the sale of the house, and it just did not flow properly for me.

My Vision

I knew I would have to change this space around, but it was low on the priority list. A few months ago, I finally had an epiphany….why not make this space”Reem’s Design Studio,” and a lounging area for when we have guests. I had been working with a few clients at Arhaus and have always wanted to incorporate their high-end, consciously made furnishings into my home. So, when Arhaus reached out to me to partner, I was so excited, to say the least. I have always dreamed of a Parisian apartment-style lounge space that is modern with a Parisian flair. AD Ever since getting chevron floors in my home, I knew this is the direction I wanted to take.

It was an “Aha-moment” for me. The area between the bookshelf and fireplace naturally gave me an inclination that placing a desk right in between would be the most perfect set up for an office space. And keeping the rest of the space “lounge-y”, was the perfect marriage between work and entertainment. So, when I am home all day working, I finally have a space to work in that inspires me and keeps me out of the pantry looking for a snack. Also, I can bring clients into my studio to have a talk and consult them about their spaces. When we have guests, they can overflow into this space and it is the most perfect spot for just that. It is my at-home design studio. Now, I have a place to put the samples that have been floating around the house. I knew I wanted contrasting earth tones and organic textures, so I focused on only those pieces. Let’s talk about the new furnishings…

I started my design plan with the Finnley desk. Since the desk is the most integral part of the space, I wanted to build off of that. I knew I wanted a marble top, and as soon as I saw the Finnley desk, I knew this was the one. The gorgeous hand-finished pine from Finland complemented with the hand-reeded oak is finished off  by a luxurious marble top making this the most gorgeous combo for a chic, sophisticated, and Parisian lounge area. The reeded oak detailing leads ones eyes to the rest of the lines in the room, the vintage radiators covers, the vintage pedestal that holds a vase atop of it, and the subtle stripes in the rug as well. I love when a room has commonality. This makes it more minimal, more modern, and less fussy. I topped the desk with the Axel task lamp made of solid brass with an integrated LED light to help me get through those late night blog posts. Notice how the desk takes a subtle hint from that original (1925) coved ceiling to curve.


Once I decided on the Finnley desk in Mocha, I knew I wanted something to complement this desk. I knew I wanted a comfortable spot for clients/guests so that this space can serve as an extended lounge area. The Fresno sofa in Vance Cocoa really caught my eye. It’s clean lines, soft curves make this sofa a modern addition to this new space. I love that this piece was hand upholstered in North Carolina. The gorgeous, luscious cocoa velvet really anchored my otherwise, neutral space. The gentle curves of the sofa mimic the subtle curve in our original 1925 coved ceilings in this space.

I just love the modern silhouette of this sofa and it is the most perfect piece for this space. It gave this room the pied-‘a-terre look that I was after. To top off the look of the sofa, I added the Aviana coffee table. It’s artisan-crafted marble carefully enhances the gray and white marble veining that is subtle, yet, striking throughout this solid table.


The Aviana coffee table anchors the space in the most sophisticated way, making it the perfect spot to rest tea for my clients and spread out paint and window treatment samples. The generous size also gives me ample space to spread out large floorplans and drafting materials. I have gotten so many compliments on the gorgeous veining throughout the table. I wanted to give my guests a bit more space in case they bring children, or sometimes their parents for more opinions on their spaces. So, I added two teak Roos outdoor chairs. The striking sides of the chairs stopped me in my tracks and the gorgeous hand woven resin back and seat gave me the touch of organic texture that I was craving in this space.


I hope this inspires you to go ahead and make that dream space a reality. Make sure to check out Arhaus for all their gorgeous, high-end quality furnishings. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

My Home

New Lighting with Filament Lighting

I have always been unhappy with the lighting I have in the hallway. We moved into this house 3 years ago and the sconces in the hallway were super traditional and not my style at all. So, when Filament Lighting reached out to me, I was extremely excited to have an opportunity to switch these out. AD. Filament Lighting carries everything for your lighting needs from landscape lighting to sconces and they work with some of the highest end brands to bring you quality lighting to fit today’s styles. I have been so impressed with their customer service. They helped me decide on exactly what I have envisioned for this space. I explained that I was looking to add a touch of marble, onyx, or alabaster and I wanted a much more modern look. Above all, I wanted something completely sophisticated. The designers helped me land on the Arteriors Savion Sconce. At first, I was worried about the size, but it added an understated modern touch that I have been craving. Take a look at these gorgeous sconces below.

Each onyx disc is unique in it’s own way. The variation of each natural stone gives a filtered ambiance once lit and when it is turned off, it looks like a piece of art displaying the stone’s organic veins. I could not be happier with my selection. Visit Filament Lighting for all your lighting needs. They will help you choose the most sophisticated and luxe lighting for your space as well!

My Home

New rug in sunroom

Since getting new floors in the sunroom 6 months ago with Divine Flooring, we have lived without a rug. I thought I could live the modern life and just enjoy the gorgeous chevron floors, but at the end of the day, my kids kept whining that it is not comfortable to sit in the sunroom (which is our primary family room). And so, I caved. I worked with Loloi rugs, one of my amazing partners to get the gorgeous Polly rug in Natural into my sunroom to complement my Marlow sectional from Castlery.  My home is filled with Loloi rugs. I love their dedication to high-quality rugs at an affordable price.  I ordered it with them almost 4 months ago. It was on backorder for a while, and I can see why.


I almost gave up on this rug, but I knew it was the exact rug I wanted for this space. The minimal squares dotted throughout the rug, gave it interest without overwhelming it. My home is growing with me and I am gravitating towards a more minimal approach when furnishing it and it is making my heart so happy. I thought I needed to be like everyone else and have more in my spaces, and I realized that did not make me happy. So, since the New Year I have decided to stay true to myself and have a more minimal approach when designing my spaces.

Also, when we first moved in, I wanted the sunroom to feel like it was a vacation spot with the view of the pool. So, when we recently got new floors,  I moved a lot of furniture around. The 4 white leather slingback chairs that I’ve had in the front room were not vibing with me anymore in there. I loved my slipcovered white chairs, but the casters were denting the floor. So, I thought of putting the white chairs that we had in our front room for 3 years around this wood table and it totally gives the room that vacation vibe. These are 4 leather slingback chairs originally from CB2 that I did not have the heart to let go of yet, although i let go of a lot already!  Thanks to my good friend who popped in to see the floors, she told me that I have to put these white chairs around the wood table and get a comfy cushion to go on top because they are kind of low. Cushions have been ordered and I will update  you once they are in! Now, this is the perfect spot for game night and for homework.

Don’t be afraid to stay true to who you are when decorating. I am loving the vibe in the sunroom now. It truly feels like one of our favorite vacation spots. Tell me what you think below and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat!


My Home

Foyer Floor Reveal, and trim details

Can you believe this photo? I seriously cannot believe this is my home. I am definitely having a “pinch me” moment thanks to Divine Flooring! Their Cosmopolitan Naked in Chevron is so so good. I cannot stop talking about how beautiful it is! The floors are so good, I am contemplating not adding furniture back to the first floor. Haha.

Shop this look:



When you remove old flooring, the base shoe trim also comes out. Sometimes you can save it and reuse it and I did this in the sunroom. However, this time around, I ended up needing a taller base shoe trim because we ended up with a larger gap between the floor and the baseboards. So, I looked in Home Depot, Lowes and I did not find anything I liked and nothing tall and wide enough. So, I did some research and found a local wood shop that was able to help me. I spoke to the lady on the phone and she sent me two profiles that were 2 inches long, and this is the size I needed. I did not like them because they seemed a bit too intricate. I wanted a simpler, more modern profile to suit the molding that we already had in our home which is very clean lined.

samples from wood shop

After discussing with the wood shop, I asked them to come up with something cleaner and less detailed. We came up with the drawing below. I wanted to try to match our old base shoe trim in the house because I still have it in some parts of the house.

Old trim

I was so happy with how it turned out. We ordered 300 feet of it in poplar wood and it is 2 inches tall and 5/8 wide. We had it primed and painted in BM PM-01, our old trim color to match all of our trim and moldings. I think it turned out great. Take a look below. It looks so seamless! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss anything! Next up is furnishing these new floors!


My Home

Our Blue-Gray office

Our blue-gray monochromatic office has been a favorite of mine since moving into this house 3 years ago. I have to say, the designer that chose this color must’ve known what she was doing. It is an extraordinary color in this space. When we moved in, I had this brownish velvet chair that I literally threw in the corner by the bookshelf because I didn’t have anywhere else to throw it and I just could not part with it. Little did I know that the color combo of this blue-gray and this velvet chair were going to be internet famous. Ever since then, I have seen this color combo be replicated from more than famous designers (ehemmm, I think they saw it in my office first). Well, I have to say I feel honored. But, laughing aside, this office is award winning, at least, in my book.

I have gotten so many inquiries into this color. The designer said it was Chelsea gray from BM and I knew that did not make sense. Ummm, no it is not. So, I did what any designer would do and I took a cabinet door to the paint store and got it matched. The formula was matched and I even did some touch-ups…it is a great match. Below is the paint can with the formula from Benjamin Moore, for all you inquiring minds. Here you go…. and you can thank me later;)

Hope you got some inspiration from this color.


My Home

New Floors with Divine Flooring

As you know, we’ve recently removed the carpeting in the sunroom and adding gorgeous prefinished wood flooring with Divine Flooring. I partnered with them to help me create the space of my dreams. I chose European Oak from their Cosmopolitan Naked Collection. I actually went with the Chevron, which I was hesitant at first to do, but we loved it so much we are continuing with it for the front room and foyer as well! We have started these two other rooms this week and it is looking fab! The chevron is giving the spaces the Parisian pied-a’-terre look that I’ve been chasing since moving into this historic home. All the gorgeous details and moldings tell me that this is the direction I need to go with the house. I let the house do the talking and I am so excited about this vision that I’ve had for this home since moving in 3 years ago.


Base shoe trim is missing from all the walls. Do not worry, this will be installed by the end of this week. We had to get it custom made as we need a slightly taller trim now that the floors are all level.


The chevron turned out better than my wildest dreams. It truly is so timeless and classic and I know I made the right choice for this home. We finished the foyer and the front living room, where I have an office planned in one half of the room for myself. Take a look below at where I taped where the desk where go.


Above, you can see that the fireplace floor/hearth  needs tile. This will be delivered, hopefully next week. We have 3 fireplaces that will be getting new hearth tile from Riad Tile and I am so happy to be partnering with them once again!


This view of the front room looking into the foyer has got to be my favorite. As you can see the chevron plays differently when you look at it sideways. Sometimes I wonder if I should have laid it sideways (walking into the house).

Stay tuned for so much more on these floors in the next coming weeks. Make sure to sign up so you don’t miss anything!



London & Paris with 4 Kids

Itinerary: 3 Days in London, 4 Days in Paris


We took our third trip to Paris and London this past July and I am finally able to write about our adventures. Paris is definitely not what “Emily in Paris” makes it seem like. It is very crowded in the summer, sometimes making it kind of difficult to enjoy. But, we still loved it…I mean, it is Paris afterall. We actually started in London for 3 days and then ended in Paris for 4 days. We visited the Cotwolds (which was the highlight of our trip), we did a Harry Potter tour (since we had our kids with us), and checked off all the local tourist attractions including Buckingham Palace, and the London tower.  The Cotswolds trip was an all day trip that included stopping in 4 famous Cotswolds towns. If you love seeing old stone villages and streets, then this is a must when visiting London. It was straight out of a fairytale. I highly recommend taking a day trip to visit the Cotswolds.  This time, we did not have time for Windsor Castle and Bath, but highly recommend. We stayed in the Marriott Renaissance, which was super convenient being located next to St. Pancreas Station which we took to Paris. The kids loved seeing the international trains come in to the station and it was super convenient on the 3rd day when we took the train to Paris.

The Cotswolds


This was my 3rd time in Paris and I cannot wait to go back. There is just so much to see and do and you cannot possibly finish it all in one day. The one thing we missed this time around was visiting Versailles which we did on our last trip. Versailles requires one full day if you’d like to visit the gardens and thoroughly walk through the castle.  We did the more local attractions in Paris since we had our 4 kids with us: ages 21, 16, 12, 10. My kids were the perfect ages for Europe and we cannot wait to discover more cities with them.

In Paris, we stayed in the 15th Arrondissement, in a cute boutique hotel, Hotel Gustave. We chose this one because it was located next to the Metro and also walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, which my kids wanted to see everyday (I don’t blame them). On the first day in Paris we had our Anniversary luncheon with our kids at Le Train Bleu, in the 12th Arrondissement. This restaurant is a must when visiting Paris, not only was the food splendid, but the atmosphere and gilded ceilings were a must-see. We felt like royalty dining here.


The Louvre

After a very heavy lunch, we decided to walk it off. We took the Metro to the area around The Louvre, the 1st Arrondissement. You need tickets in advance for the Louvre. We had tickets for later in the week which we reserved well before our trip. If you don’t do this, chances are you will not be able to get same day tickets, especially in the summer.  We walked around a little and headed back to the area where our hotel is.


Walking Around Paris:

Walking around Paris is one of my absolute favorite things to do. There are so many cafe’s and the people watching is an activity in and of itself. If you are planning a trip to Paris, make sure to take dressy outfits. I don’t think I saw anyone walking around in Lululemon or Adidas joggers, even on the Metro. People dress up everyday and we went in summer and I do not recall seeing really short shorts.


Siene River Tour

We took a boat down the Siene. The kids loved it so much that we went back at night on another night to enjoy seeing the city along the river at night. I highly recommend this activity. Also, our hotel was near Bir Hakim Bridge which had amazing views of the Eiffel Tower and a great photo spot!


The Louvre

The next day we had our advance tickets to walk right into the  museum. We had our comfortable walking shoes. I think we reached 23000 steps that day! There is just so much to see. We headed to the most prominent art in the Louvre including the Coronation of Napoleon, the Wedding at Cana, David and Goliath,  Winged Victory Statue, Venus de Milo, Horse Tamers, Seated Scribe,  Mona Lisa, Islamic Art exhibit, Egypt exhibit, and too much more to name.



Do not forget to stop and enjoy a crepe on your way to the Eiffel tower or in the morning before you hit the Metro. We were always on the go in Paris and my kids loved stopping for a crepe. We usually only sat down for dinner and everything else was on-the-go. We would sit quickly in a cafe’ and have our latte’ and our  kids ordered their crepes. But, other than that we would usually just grab a quick bite on the go until dinner and that worked for us. Do what works for your family. My kids are a bit older so it was definitely easier than travelling with littles.


These were just some of the activities we did in Paris. We did so much more, but hopefully, this gives you some insight as to what to expect when travelling to Paris. We cannot wait to go back!

My Home

The Friday Five

1. BIG NEWS: This week has been a busy spiral of emotions. I found out that I will be working with the most amazing wood flooring company to help me update my floors. The floors have been a bit of a challenge since moving in and we thought we would live with them for a while (3 years) and see how we feel. I never intended on switching them out, but after having this offer, I really could not refuse it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be partnering with the most amazing flooring company on new wood floors! However, we will have to pay for the labor and that is actually ending up costing more than the floors themselves. I still am not sure if I will be doing the entire first floor or partial, more to come on this. This amazing news I received exactly on June 7, my late daughter’s angelversary, and I also received this AWESOME news after our hearts were broken once again with a project that isn’t going to be happening. More on this later as well! Stay tuned.

2. Another partnership I have been working on is updating our corner bench nook in the kitchen. We love this spot so much, but we could use some cushions for our tushies. They get quite sore sitting there for more than a half hour. So, I have partnered with Calico Corners and they have been absolutely wonderful. I finally selected the 4 fabrics I will using and we finalized it yesterday. I will be using Kravet outdoor fabric for this space and I could not be more excited. I cannot wait to share the reveal of this space.

3. I have a new obsession… I am OBSESSED with burgandy marble decor items. Here is a round-up, you will want to check-out!

4. The pool is open for business! That is right. We have been spending every waking moment right here. Great towels are essential and I found the most luxurious pool towels. All my pool essentials are linked below. Click on the photo!

Do not forget to hit the button below and subscribe for all my latest! Have a great weekend!

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I picked these from my yard 2 years ago and they are still going strong! The only downfall, they are messy, so have your cordless vacuum handy! And I’m sharing my fave one (under $40!) in stories today! also, sharing this vase, plus many other faves in my @ltk.home page-link in profile! 
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I get asked this question daily! Let me tell you why I LOVE quartzite and I want you to tell me which counters you have and if you love them! Head to stories for more on this today!

This is Taj Mahal btw….

1. It’s a natural stone, so it has natural veining and variation similar to marble in appearance
2. It’s more durable than marble. It doesn’t etch when exposed to acidic liquids like marble does 
3. It’s the hardest stone (harder than granite)not soft like marble, so it’s difficult to damage
4. It’s extremely scratch and heat resistant
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About one year ago, we replaced our front porch. It was such a daunting decision for me to make. I’m the end, I stuck with something classic and timeless…bluestone in a diamond pattern and we love how it turned out. We did so much more, like adding crushed bluestone to our beds and it’s so much easier to deal with than mulch. I’ll show you in stories today. We still have some mulch and I’d love to transition over to all pebbles one day soon. 
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